React Native Developer @ eVici

Job description

💸 Salary: €3400- €4300 euro/mo (16000 – 20000 PLN/mo)

🤝 Agreement: B2B (established own personal company)

📍 Location: remote (central Europe)

🏃‍♂️ Start: May 1st (ideally)

📏 Length: long term

🇬🇧 English: B2/C2 language

​👨​ Vacancies: 1

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This time, we are working with eVici, a Norwegian start-up 😃😃😃

About the project:

We had a Social Guessing proof of concept, a blend of Kahoot with Fantasy Premier League and betting. Fans can interact and compete with each other during/before/after games – for example, who has the hardest shot, who's going to score the next goal. You compete in a "fantasy" game, but it's not fantasy. The regulations are strict, and betting is going into a more regulated space by politicians – it's hard to get into the industry, and they want to bite off the gambling industry. They are looking at it as a standalone product and an integrated app with the existing solution that Norway’s sports clubs are already using.

The current core app is a fan engagement platform where users can buy tickets, merchandise, and basically do anything related to the club. With the new project, they want to engage fans before, during, and after a game using gamification and betting (no money involved, so it’s not a gambling project). Fans don't have to attend the game – they can watch the game in their living room and actively participate. The main goal is to drive an additional revenue stream to the clubs. COVID came, and suddenly there were no spectators in the arena. You can still reach them, but the only way is to get them on their mobile phones.

The company’s founders are serial entrepreneurs who already exited their previous business and now have the budget for their new venture for 3+ years.

The company’s founders are serial entrepreneurs who already exited their previous business and now have the budget for their new venture for 3+ years.

This job offer might be right for you!

eVici is looking for an experienced React Native Developer with good knowledge of JavaScript to help their client’s goals. The successful candidate will join a team of 8 Norwegians and work entirely remotely.

Why the role is interesting:

  • It's quite a new project, and the product doesn't exist on the market yet.There's a great demand to connect people from the club point of view. They are solving the challenge of bringing fans together and engaging them. They are open to bringing in new technologies to the benefit of the team and the clients
  • Clubs are asking for information, data lakes, etc. They are in a place where they can create new value for the clients. They are open to having discussions about the choice of technologies. Open to input from the team
  • On the back-end: .NET Core 3.1, ASP.NET, Core WebApi, C#, EntityFrameworkCore, Swagger, Azure Functions
  • On the frontend: React v16, React-native 0.63, Redux-thunk 2.3.0, Axios, oo TypeScript, but very open to introducing good practices

Job requirements


  • 3 years experience in React & React Native
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Practice with good front-end architecture patterns
  • Knowledge of good software development practices
  • Good English communication skills (min. B2)

Bonus points

  • Redux, Native Mobile experience (iOS, Android, Xamarin, Ionic, Capacitor, Cordova)
  • Experience with back-end development in C# .NET
  • Exposure to PHP (other projects in the company use it)
  • Quality mindset and focus on test automation
  • Love for sports and beer 🍻🤪

Your Mindset

The personality of a person is in how he acts and how he behaves. Will you take up a problem and do something about it or let it pass by? If you put paper on the ground, then there are 3 types of people:

  1. Someone who ignores it
  2. Someone who picks it up and throws it in the trash
  3. Those who see it pass by it and then go back to pick up and throw it down the bin

If you’re in the second group, then that’s the mindset we’re looking for. We are looking for proactive people who will be excited about solving users’ problems and pushing the rest of the team to get shit done. They are looking humans, and they want to build a trusted relationship with each other. Caring is essential in this role – helping others be the best they can be.