About Us

At ITCraftship, we believe that the remote work culture will soon take over the software development market. Our mission is to help introduce companies to telecommuting and the amazing possibilities of scaling their businesses that comes with it. We want to connect startups with promising talents from all over the world, and to help marvellous software developers get a job which will allow them to develop their skills and abilities. Our main goal is to improve people’s lives by getting rid of unnecessary obstacles connected with on-site work.

Maks Majer

CEO & Lead Recruiter

Maciej Adamczyk

COO & Tech Recruiter

Kasia Ulok

Talent Acquisition Manager

Karolina Beta

Marketing Specialist

How we work

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We're not like others

Our team is here to help you get the job in the easiest, fastest, and most comfortable way. We try to customize our process to your needs. Our technical screening is more of a pleasure rather than a sad obligation :) Thanks to having experience in software development and being contacted by thousands of recruiters, we know exactly how to approach you and not to impose ourselves on you.

Remote work FTW!

We believe that remote work will soon take over. Why waste your time on commuting if you can be productive from home? We have clients from all over the world - and we convince them to hire marvelous software developers, who will simply get the job done, no matter where.

We're always there for you

When we choose you to be the best match for our client, we supervise your remote on-boarding and communication with the employer. We share our knowledge about making telecommuting easy and getting the most out of yourself. With our help, you'll become a remote professional of every employer's dreams 🙂